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Our new Collection was created in collaboration with JUNO Award-winning singer-songwriter, Chantal Kreviazuk with the packaging designed by Humanitarian Artist, Carling Jackson. Together, we are honoured to have developed a special signature scent for the line of products from which the sales will benefit War Child.

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About War Child

Founder Samantha Nutt has worked in war zones for more than half of her life.

She founded War Child Canada in 1999 after working as a young doctor with children facing the violence and despair of war. She saw how long it takes for communities to recover from conflict after the guns fall silent. For twenty years, the organization has advocated for children and families in war-torn areas around the world.

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The Collection

While collaborating with Chantal Kreviazuk on designing the perfect scent, one thing was clear. We wanted something that would bring people to a happy place every time they used their products.

After careful consideration, Chantal discovered the blend that would encompass everything we needed for this collection. Something that makes people smile, feel inspired to do more and ultimately something that brings joy in those small moments we have to ourselves. An uplifting blend that soothes the soul.

It was only appropriate to call the blend Uplift.

This collection has 5 products all handcrafted in small batches with our all-natural ingredients - all scented with Uplift. The scent can be described as refreshing, floral and a touch of sweetness. Imagine the perfect late Spring day with the sun shining.

Every sale from this collection will contribute to helping War Child.

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The Artwork

Celebrity athlete and human rights artist - Carling Jackson is a humanitarian and professional athlete portrait artist whose primary aim as a contemporary artist is to “paint the change you wish to see in the world.”

Her work with War Child has allowed her to use a combination of modern photography with our current visual culture. This has led to people becoming overly desensitized to harsh realities, and inured to the pain of others - this is especially true with photos of children who often have been through so much people forget they’re looking into the eyes of a child. She is a believer in “art for social change” to give MORE agency,  control, and POWER to children - so that they can tell you THEIR story through their own images, words, and voice.

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