As we know, we live in a digital era. But with the many changes the world has seen this year, working from home has made that digital space become part of our personal space too. Maintaining good self care practices has never been more important. The line between disconnecting from work and technology in order to maintain a healthy home and personal life is, more often than not, very blurred.

Are you "Zoomed Out?" This month we will be promoting self care tips and insights on how to better manage the work-from-home set up, while ensuring folks bring a more defined line between the work and home balance.

Read our first blog posts this month, "Zoomed Out" | An Introduction.

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To help encourage self care, we've listed selected Lemongrass House products at 50% off. We truly hope these items will help folks get into a routine that includes some time for themselves to "un-zoom." 

Here's a few of the TOP products you will find on sale this month:

- Body Masks
- Body Butters 
- Reed Diffusers
- Face Mists
- Essential Oils (including Concentration Blend) 
- Massage Oils
- Kids Products
- Hand Creams

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