Summer is DEFINITELY here!

And so are our latest promotions!

This is month is PACKED with savings & a little something special on Thursday nights. Read more below to find out what, when & where you can save throughout the month of July. And yes! Multiple promotions can be used with one another!


What: Purchase ANY Ylang Ylang scented product and get a FREE gift of equal or lesser value in ANY scent you want!
Where: 209 Abbott Street (In-Store promotion only)
When: July 1-31 (ALL MONTH!)

Ylang Ylang is a yellow, star-shaped flower that grows on Cananga trees. This pretty little flower gives an aromatic scent that can be described as deep, rich with a tinge of sweet and floral. It's can also gives undertones like hints of jasmine, banana and neroli.

FLASH SALE | Hair Care 

What: You save 25% on our Hair Care products! 
Where: Online & In-Store (209 Abbott Street)
When: July 1-15

We will let you in on a little secret about silky, shiny, healthy hair... high quality ingredients make a HUGE difference. And when those ingredients are all-natural, you get added benefits & no damage that harsh chemicals can leave behind.


FLASH SALE | Hand & Foot Care

What: You save 25% on Hand & Foot Care Collection
Where: Online & In-Store (209 Abbott Street)
When: July 1-15

Our hands have really been put through the wringer (no pun intended) with all the covid related washing and sanitizing. Our all-natural Hand Care products are perfect to help lessen the amount of chemicals we put on our hands & help soothe them from all the alcohol we find in sanitizer.

If you're a hiker or outdoorsy person, we HIGHLY recommend our Foot Cream & Foot Spray. After those hot days, your feet can swell up and feel overworked. Using our Foot Cream is great to help reduce swelling and give your feet a good break. If you find you overheat in the summertime, our Foot Spray will instantly cool you down. Simply spray on your feet & wait for the cool-down.

HAPPY HOUR | Gastown Night Market

What: Every Thursday we will be opening up from 7PM-8PM for additional shopping hours - plus some extra samples - as part of the Night Market happening in Gastown this summer
Where: 209 Abbott Street (In-Store only)
When: Starting July 8 on Thursday Evenings 7PM-8PM

Come support the amazing, small businesses in Gastown this summer! Gastown BIA is hosting a "Happy Hour" every Thursday where Gastown businesses can host a "Happy Hour" for the Vancouver Locals. You will find restaurants hosting drink & food specials, some retailers opening their doors for additional hours (including us!) and hosting some in-store specials - and more!

So come down to Gastown & support your favourite local businesses! We would LOVE to see you!

Flash Sale | Face Care

Foaming Face Cleanser

Face Cream

Lip Balm

Face Scrub

Face Mask

Face Mist

Face Toner

Face Cleanser