Thank you to our Health Care Workers!

Last year we introduced our Buy One, Gift One program as a small gesture for our amazing health care workers who are on the frontlines.

In honour of International Nurses Day this year, we are delighted to be bringing back the program! We are forever indebted to all of our Health Care Workers who have done so much for our communities. While they work tirelessly, risking their own health, they have managed to get us so much closer to the pandemic finish line. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us who the true heroes are in our communities – and health care workers are right at the top of the list.

While we can never repay them for how much they've sacrificed, our goal with the program is to give back in some way to show how much we appreciate their courage, compassion and dedication to helping each one of us.

With your purchase of any one of our products, we will match and gift an item to a health care worker across the province. This can be a nurse, doctor or anyone who has dedicated their time & energy in helping us stay safe.

If you are a health care worker interested in receiving products, please send us an email to - we will give you more info there!

And remember: please wear your mask, wash your hands & thank the health care workers in your life!