Lemongrass House Canada is proud to offer a range of services dedicated to spas, hotels and other business who are looking to enhance their brand. For more information, you can download our brochure capturing the info below. 


Lemongrass House Canada Spa Excellence Consulting

Our team of skilled spa and product experts review and help spa owners develop and deliver their own bespoke spa experience. We will work with you in creating something unique for your guests that will have them coming back again and again. 

Signature Scent Design

Looking for an unique scent for your hotel or spa? Lemongrass House currently produces over 30 signature scents for hotels and spas around the world. These unique scents are individually crafted and never duplicated for another party. As with all our products, they are made fresh, by hand, one kilo at a time. Lemongrass House is happy to design a signature scent for your hotel or spa. Please contact us at info@lemongrasshousecanada.com with any signature scent design questions.

Our experienced product specialists have even more recommendations and can work with you to put together whatever you need at wholesale prices.

Hotels & Spas

Lemongrass House is pleased to provide our fresh handmade products for many of the top hotels and spas around the world, including:

Aman Resorts and Spas
Four Seasons Hotels and Spas
Le Meridien Hotels and Spas
One & Only Hotels and Spas

These establishments know that our company's commitment to quality, excellence and the environment means our products are some of the best in the world to provide their clientele with. Please contact Lemongrass House at info@lemongrasshousecanada.com directly with any hotel and wholesale questions.

For more ideas and information, please email us at info@lemongrasshousecanada.com, or call us at
(604) 428-5442 Toll free: 1-877-629-5442