Ho, Ho, Ho!

Bring your favourite scents of Christmas into your home this holiday season! Our exclusive Holiday Collection truly captures the wonderful smells of the holidays. Learn more about our festive scents below! And remember! These are ONLY available until end of December!

Happy Holidays!

Our Holiday Scents

Apple Cinnamon Spice

This holiday scent truly captures that familiar spicy scent of the festive season. The sweet apples mixed with spicy cinnamon & cloves smells just like home.

Made with Sweet Orange Peel Oil, Clove, Cinnamon

Spicy | Stimulating & Soothing

Christmas Spice

Bring back your favourite childhood memories around the festive season with this rich, sweet & spicy scent. It reminds us of our advent calendars & holiday treats!

Made with Lavender, Cocoa, Clove & Cinnamon

Woody & Spicy | Relaxing & Energizing

Crackling Fire

Create that cozy, warm feeling around the holidays you get from sitting near the fire. Grab a book, put your feet up & take some time this holiday season to just relax.

Made with Sandalwood, Vanilla, Nutmeg & Pink Grapefruit

Woody | Soothing & Focusing

Egg Nog

What is the Holiday Season with out Egg Nog?! This sweet bled emulates that unforgettable scent at Christmas - rich, sweet & a tad spicy!

Made with Nutmeg, Vanilla & Bergamot

Sweet | Soothing & Calming

Figgy Pudding

Yum! This holiday blend will fill your home with sweet, fruity & rich smells of the festive season! Think of it as the smell of the Christmas baked goods!

Made with Vanilla, Cocoa & Cinnamon

Relaxing & Energizing | Fruity

Xmas Tree

Smell the Christmas tree without the messy pine needles! This holiday scent brings in a breath of fresh air straight from the Christmas tree forest!

Made with Cyprus & Pine Needle

Soothing & Focusing | Woody

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