We owe a huge debt of gratitude to all of the health care workers who are on the front lines, working to save lives – and risking their own health to do it. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us who the true heroes are in our communities – and health care workers are right at the top of the list.

At Lemongrass House, we wanted to do something that gives back to these amazing health care professionals – to show them how much we appreciate their courage, compassion and dedication to helping those who are sick. With your purchase of one of the products listed below – that are currently available at a 15% discount – we will donate the same item to a deserving health care provider.

Whether it’s hand cream to help heal their hands from all of the handwashing or bath oil to help them relax and to soothe their aching muscles after a long week, we know that these products will make a small difference – and bring a bit of joy (we hope) to our amazing caregivers.

Here are all of our products included in the Buy One, Gift One campaign: 

  • Aromatic Room Spray (120ml)
  • Bath Milk (250ml)
  • Bath Oil (250ml)
  • Bath Salts (120g or 250g)
  • Body Butter (150g or 300g)
  • Body Cream (120ml or 260ml)
  • Body Scrub Jojoba Bead (300g)
  • Body Scrub Salt Glow (200g)
  • Foot Spray (120ml)
  • Hair Conditioner (120ml or 260ml)
  • Hand Cream (60ml)
  • Herbal Tea (80g)
  • Liquid Hand Soap (300ml)
  • Reed Diffuser (120ml)
  • Shampoo (120ml or 260ml)
  • Shower Gel (120ml or 260ml)

When you buy one, we’ll gift one to a health care professional. Or buy multiple items and we’ll match them all and send them out across the province – to give to a nurse, doctor or someone else working to keep us healthy. It will be a moment of joy and lets these heroes know we appreciate them (because we really, really do!).

Please stay home if you can, wash your hands a lot – and for 20 seconds or more. Together we can flatten this curve!

Stay safe out there everyone!