Ethical Gift Giving

Truly feel the joy of giving this Christmas by giving your loved ones ethical gifts! Everything at Lemongrass House Canada is ethically made at our factory in Phuket, Thailand.

What do we mean when we say “ethically made”? We mean that all of our staff...

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A Seasonal Antidote

Imagine it’s a crisp fall day, and you’re glum from the realization that summer is gone and the rain will soon set in, and it’s going to get darker and cooler over the next months. All the pressures of, Halloween and Christmas are looming…


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Lemongrass House – The Beginnings!

We’ve shared the story of how Maxine and Ben worked to bring Lemongrass House spa products to Canadians. Now, let’s go on a journey into the past, where it all started… in Thailand.


Lemongrass House is the brainchild and passion project...

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Meet Max & Ben

We have had lots of questions about why we decided to open a Lemongrass House retail outlet in Canada – and why Vancouver was chosen to be home to our first – and flagship – retail outlet. 

Meet Maxine and Ben

The Canadian Lemongrass House...

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