Lemongrass House Product Expiry Dates

Lemongrass House | Product InfoWe’ve had many enquiries about how long Lemongrass House products last after opening.

Lemongrass House products don’t have a traditional “expiry date”, but you will see an “open cap” icon on the label, and a number. That number tells you how many...

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The Storm Will Not Remain


We want to brighten up your day (and ours!) a bit by sharing some Thai wisdom. To make it even better – with each Thai saying, we are running a little draw too!

This week’s saying is: “The storm will not remain for a long...

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Doing Something Good Without Seeking Attention


As many of you know, Lemongrass House has strong ties to beautiful Thailand. In these difficult times, we thought it might brighten up your day a bit if we shared some wonderful Thai wisdom with you on a weekly basis. To make it...

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A Calming Contest


Self-isolating with the kids right now can bring unexpected and incredible joy, and it can create some special moments for your family. We’re also hearing from parents that it can be a little (well, sometimes a lot!) challenging when the wee ones act up.


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Lemongrass Is Good for You

There are many, many reasons to love lemongrass. It smells beautiful and one of its many benefits is that it has antibacterial properties. Lemongrass is a grassy plant that many know is used in Thai cooking. At Lemongrass House, we use it to make our...

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COVID-19 Update

This is a Statement from
Lemongrass House Canada

Like people all around the world, the Lemongrass House team has been closely monitoring the rapidly unfolding situation of the COVID-19 global pandemic. We find ourselves in extraordinary times. We are and will continue to follow the direction of the provincial...

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Hair Care 101


Let’s talk hair. First, we should talk a little bit about the science of hair. Don’t let this scare you from reading this post. You will find this to be interesting and of value – and your hair will thank you for it!

The hair...

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Our All-Natural Spa Products Are in Hotels Around the World

Did you know that Lemongrass House products are currently being featured in well-known and exceptional quality hotels and spas around the world – including Aman Resorts and Spas, Four Seasons Hotels and Spas, Le Meridien Hotels and Spas, One & Only Hotels...

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Hotel & Spa Services

After more than year since our launch in Canada, Lemongrass House has established itself across the country, showcasing our premier global brand – known for its quality and all-natural artisan spa products – to Canadians from coast to coast. The products are never tested on...

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It’s Family Month at Lemongrass House

This month is Family Month at Lemongrass House, and our customers love our Kids products. Check out some of the feedback we have recently received.

“Your bubble baths… smell soooo good!”

- Nicky

“Shampoo & Body Wash smells very good.”

- Patricia

“The Lemongrass House Canada Kids’ combined Shampoo...

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