In honour of Earth Day... 

This month we are celebrating our amazing planet and all the beauty and benefits it has to offer. Because our products are all-natural, they are not only good for your body, but they do not harm the planet. From our biodegradable and natural Jojoba Beads to the gel in our Aloe Vera products, everything comes from directly from the Earth.

To celebrate Mother Earth we will be offering a 50% discount on all Mommies and Kids products, and our Mother Earth Blended Essential Oil from April 22nd to 30th.

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Now, why is our Mother Earth scent worth celebrating? Here's why...

The Combination

Holy Mother Earth! This blend is a mix of some of our classic Essential Oils: Lavender, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang and one you may not be as familiar with - Vetiver. This combination makes for a unique scent that can be described as vibrant with a hint of calming - kind of like Mother Earth herself!

The Ingredients

Lavender: Starting with one of the MOST popular Essential Oils, Lavender is commonly used for its calming properties. This is the calming nature of our Mother Earth Blend! It's been known to help ease anxiety, calm an active brain and even help some with issues sleeping.

Patchouli: Known for its strong spicy, yet sweet scent makes this ingredient fall into the more musky category. This Essential Oil has been known to help with colds, headaches and upset stomachs It also helps with relaxation and helps to ease stress and anxiety. While the scent can be strong, it is known as more of a relaxing oil like similar to lavender.

Ylang Ylang: This Essential Oil has a deep, rich and vibrant sweet smell to it. Found in beautiful Thailand, this scent can bring notes of custard, banana, neroli (bitter orange) honey and even some spice. We love this Essential Oil because it truly does help boost our moods and brings more of a joyful feel to those who smell it.

Vetiver: And for the more uncommon Essential Oil, Vetiver can be considered to have similar properties to Lemongrass, Citronella and Palmarosa making it another vibrant, earthy scent. It has been know to give a sense of "grounding" and calming effect. 

The Products

Mother Earth Blended Essential Oil: If you LOVE the descriptions above, this Blended Essential Oil is for you. Use this in your diffuser to give a vibrant, yet grounding feel to any room. We especially love it for when we have a busy day ahead and need to feel like we have a handle on everything, but also keeping calm no matter how stressful the day may be.

Get yours at 50% off - yep! That's $25 for 30ml!!!

Mommies Bath Crystals: For the moms and moms to be who need to both relax and prep for a busy time ahead, we recommend our Mother Earth scented Mommies Bath Crystals. Simply sprinkle them into a warm bath and soak. The longer you soak, the more benefits you experience!

Get yours at 50% off! That's only $14.50!


April 20, 2021 — Cassandra Murphy

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