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Ethical Gift Giving

Truly feel the joy of giving this Christmas by giving your loved ones ethical gifts! Everything at Lemongrass House Canada is ethically made at our factory in Phuket, Thailand.

What do we mean when we say “ethically made”? We mean that all of our staff are treated fairly and paid to standard and all of our ingredients are sourced from farms that are Green and responsible. We provide consistent work and living wages so that our employees can support themselves and their families.

Lemongrass House is a family run business. In Phuket, many of the factory and store staff are friends and relatives of the company founders. Our products are individually made with love by employees who are experts at blending. Look on the label of every Lemongrass House product and you will find the name of the artisan who personally made it for you!

Because our products are all made by hand without mass production, we have excellent quality control. We also know exactly where the ingredients of our products come from. At Lemongrass House, we personally source each individual ingredient from farms that don’t use pesticides or chemicals. We also make sure that the farms we buy from provide ethical working conditions for their employees.

On top of all this, we don’t test on animals and our packaging is recycled and recyclable! What does this mean for you? It means that you can enjoy our luscious products knowing that they are safe for you and good for the planet! When you give one of our personalized boxed gifts this Christmas, not only will you be treating your loved one to something special. You will also be supporting a company that believes in providing high-quality spa products while nurturing our employees, animals and the planet.

December 04, 2018