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Lemongrass House Product Expiry Dates

Lemongrass House | Product InfoWe’ve had many enquiries about how long Lemongrass House products last after opening.

Lemongrass House products don’t have a traditional “expiry date”, but you will see an “open cap” icon on the label, and a number. That number tells you how many months the products will remain fresh once it is opened

For example, on the Bath Salts in the image above, you can see the number 6.  This means that from the time you open it, you have a full 6 months to use the product before it begins to decrease in quality and freshness.

Our products are professionally packaged in a way that seals in the freshness, and keeps them protected so that when opened for the first time they are as fresh as the day they were made.

If you want any more information, our product specialists are always here to assist you.

September 26, 2020