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Zoomed Out | Prevention & Healthy Habits

Late last week we highlighted the ever-growing feeling of being "Zoomed Out" and explained that this is way more common than you think. The signs of burnout have been around for decades, but what about the prevention and building healthier habits - during a pandemic?

In today's post, we will be discuss some key insights we can learn from and habits you can implement into your daily life, along with some resources you can use to help work towards that "work-life balance."

So what are healthy habits?

Atomic Habits author, James Clear, writes in his amazing book about the problem with how people approach the situations they want to change. His philosophy focuses on the steps it takes to get to your goal. For example, you want to run a marathon in the spring. Well, you don't just go out and run a marathon in the spring. Instead, you start running. Taking the necessary steps to get you to where you want by the time your marathon happens.
So how can we, the overworked, stressed out and always tired folk, implement new habits when we have no time? Simple. We start to dedicate time for ourselves. Our goal this month is to help guide you into a less stressful day-to-day routine. And hopefully this will help you build you a healthier, happier life.


Remember this:
All the little changes you make will help prevent future "Zoomed Out" exhaustion. 

Below covers what we discussed in last week's post, along with our suggestion for creating healthier habits to prevent the symptoms, along with tips and products on how to help achieve that. These small but mighty changes will help create a more anxiety-free, peaceful environment. 
Hitting Snooze

Zoomed Out Effect: It seems as though people just can't get enough sleep. And we are talking being exhausted after a 12 hour sleep and not oversleeping.

Healthy Habit: It's a challenging one, but, believe it or now, as you as you wake-up, jump out of bed. It takes some getting used to, but it helps get the job done. Soon enough, it will happen naturally and feels like you've always done it.

Tip: Move your alarm clock or phone to another part of the room so it forces you to get up. We also recommend for those who feel especially groggy first thing, to jump right in the shower. This will wake you up and give you the first moments of the day to yourself to help breathe and get ready for the day.

Our Product Recommendation: Try our Room & Pillow Spray in Peaceful Sleep before bedtime to help ease yourself into bed sleep sooner.

Sleepless Nights

Zoomed Out Effect: The stress on your body and mind when you lack a good night's sleep.

Healthy Habit: This one may seem obvious, but no technology 2 hours before bed. Try reading a book. Also try going to bed 2 hours earlier than usual. This will help regulate your sleep and make sure you aren't hitting snooze every time. The most important thing we can mention about this, is to avoid looking at your phone, computer, iPad - anything with a blue light. This type of light from our screens can affect your sleep. Opt for a book instead! 

Tip: If you love your calendar app, make an appointment/reminder for yourself for when to go to bed. Give yourself some added time before bed with a book or crossword and let your body decompress properly from the day. Another option is to have a bath and really enjoy some relaxing moments before bed. You could even use your favourite bath products scented with lavender to help promote relaxation. 

Our Product Recommendation: Try our Milk Bath in your favourite scent to help promote relaxation. 

Mid Day Crash

Zoomed Out Effect: Depending on caffeine like your life depends on it actually causes your body to go into a high stress mode.

Healthy Habit: Limit yourself on how much caffeine you consume. Try to stay under 2 cups before noon. It can take up to 3 or 4 months for caffeine to leave the body completely, so be patient with yourself

Tip: Drink coffee first thing and try not to drink any the rest of the day. If you find yourself heading for a crash, try having a piece of fruit or some nuts. Don't forget to take breaks. Look away from your screens and do something else for a few minutes. We recommend stepping away every 45-60 minutes.

Our Product Recommendation: Try our Energizing Blended Essential Oil in your diffuser to help spark that second wind.

High Anxiety

Zoomed Out Effect: Everything above has already added up to put your body in a constant stressful state - talk about exhausting. This is before the workload is added.

Healthy Habit: Everyone's anxiety comes up in different ways. To help prevent being overwhelmed or going into a spiral, make a to do list before the day starts. Organize your time to leave room for some self-care too. Don't feel like you have to accept every meeting or team Zoom call. You can always ask a coworker if you missed anything.

Tip: Spend your Sunday evening organizing your week ahead. Move things around and schedule emails about the changes for the following morning. If you feel like you are being pulled into too many directions, or that your time isn't being used efficiently, talk to your manager or boss. We also find adding an essential oil that promotes calmness and/or concentration can help keep you feeling at ease, but also motivated.

Our Product Recommendation: Try adding our Happiness Blended Essential Oil to your diffuser when you feel anxious to help create a more positive mood.

Less Downtime

Zoomed Out Effect: More people are too exhausted to do at least one thing they enjoy.

Healthy Habit: Do things you LOVE doing! Or learn something new!

Tip: Again, use your calendar app to schedule things that make you happy. If there's a class you want to take, or simply making dinner with your family, or maybe just go to bed early, schedule it in. The reminder sitting there where you see it all the time will trigger your brain to look forward to it more and more.

Our Product Recommendation: Use your dedicated self-care time and treat yourself to an at home spa session! Most of our products are on sale for 50% this month!

Isolated at Home

Zoomed Out Effect: With over 5 million NEW Canadians starting the WFH lifestyle, there's a sense of isolation from their workplace, but also a feeling of not knowing when work is done. People just keep working.

Healthy Habit: Create a space you love and ensure your "bubble" includes people who you want to spend time with.

Tip: Make sure you have an area dedicated for work only. Don't eat here, don't read here, don't talk on personal calls here... this is only for work hours. This will help train your brain to know how to separate work from home life. If you have a studio, or small space, find a spot and designate that for work only. Consider having lunch at your table rather than your desk. While a lot of us are over Zoom, plan once a month gathers with coworkers on Zoom so you can all "hangout." This will help remove some of the unnecessary burden of too many Zoom calls.

See?! It wasn't that bad! These small changes can make a HUGE impact on your life. By creating boundaries and making time for yourself, you can start to create that work-life balance in your own life.  


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Next week, we will be sharing a Q&A with someone who has over 5 years of working from home. 




October 06, 2020