What tastes good, but can also be made into an oil that will nourish your skin? Almonds! And today we are focusing on a Lemongrass House favourite - Sweet Almond Oil.
So why does this sweet smelling oil get our team excited? Well, there's a few reasons. 
almond oil in a jar & almonds

But first, what is it exactly?

Simple. It's oil created from cold pressing the extracts out of a ripe almond. 

A dried almond's weight is about half of only oil, making it the perfect ingredient to press and get all that oily goodness out.

Are all Almond Oils the same?

The short answer is no. When you freshly cold press an almond, that is considered Unrefined Almond Oil (also known as Sweet Almond Oil). When heat or filtration or distillation is applied to the unrefined oil, it becomes purified or known as Refined (also called Bitter Almond Oil).

The unrefined oil protects ALL the nutrients found in the nut. Where as a refined oil can remove some of the toxins that are naturally present in the skin of almonds - don't worry. This doesn't make one safer than the other.

What's the difference between Sweet Almond Oil & Bitter Almond Oil?

Because Sweet Almond Oil is unrefined (or fixed), it makes it PERFECT for skin application. This ingredient can be found in some of our most nourishing products like our Body & Massage Oils, Body Cream and even in our Kids Lotion. It's also important to note that while this ingredient can be powerful when used, it won't leave your skin smelling like a nut. It's also been known to be used in culinary dishes around the world for its nutritious properties.

In contrast, Bitter Almond Oil is more known for its fragrant scent. And while this refined oil may be more heat-tolerant, it does lacks the nutrients found in the Sweet Oil when used in skincare and cooking. When used as an essential oil, it doesn't have the same aromatherapy benefits as some of our other oils, but it is a great oil to add to give products a more nutty scent.

What other Lemongrass House products use Sweet Almond Oil?

All of our Body & Massage Oils (including the blended ones) use Sweet Almond Oil as its base. While this means our products leave skin incredibly silky smooth, it also acts as a carrier making our products safely diluted for any essential oils we may add for additional benefits. 

We also use this ingredient in our Milk Baths and Bath Oils. Because these products are meant for soaking in, your entire body will reap the benefits.

Remember how we mentioned Vitamin E? Well, our Anti Stretch Mark Belly Oil uses this amazing ingredient as well. This product will help prevent and minimize stretch marks (doesn't just have to be for the belly)!

What are the benefits of Sweet Almond Oil in skincare?

Sweet Almond Oil is amazing for dry, sensitive skin. Because it is an excellent lubricant, using this ingredient as a base (or carrier) in products leaves skin silky smooth. Massage therapists and estheticians have been known to this with their clients because it can be so easily absorbed preventing things like ingrown hairs. 

When used in skincare or body care, this high in protein, vitamin rich ingredient will leave skin feeling nourished and revitalized. It's also known for its anti-aging properties due to its HIGH levels of Vitamin E. Who doesn't love that?! 

What else should I know about using Sweet Almond Oil?

One thing our Product Experts tell our clients is to soak it all in! When it comes to "nourishing" your skin, leave these product on your body for as long as possible. Your skin will thank you.

Because our products are loaded with all-natural nourishing ingredients, letting your skin take it all in will have long term benefits of glowing, healthy skin.


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    March 08, 2021 — Cassandra Murphy

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