Here's why we LOVE Jasmine!

With Self-Improvement Month upon us, it seemed to be a natural fit to showcase one of our favourite, relaxing scents, Jasmine.

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Unlike other florals being light & quite feminine (like Rose for example), Jasmine has a more rich floral scent described as "wild" with it's exotic, warm, sweet & sensuous. These aromatic notes make for a deep, enticing, yet relaxing scent. The oil created from this flower can be hard to come by

In Thailand, the Jasmine Flower is the symbol of Mother's Day. It's also very common to see beautiful garlands made from Jasmine flowers hanging off of mirror's of drivers including Tuk Tuk & taxi drivers. These are known as 
"Phuang Malai" & not only create a nice scent, but it's believed they bring good luck to the drivers & their passengers.

When we think of promoting sleep using essential oils or scented products, a lot of folks will consider Lavender first. However, Jasmine is also commonly used to help improve sleep quality & cuts down on restless sleeping. With it's invigorating, deeper notes, it can also help increase daytime alertness, while helping ease anxiety.

If you find that you struggle with anxiety during the day, add a few drops of Pure Jasmine Essence Oil to your diffuser & you will find yourself at ease in no time!


Are you local?

If you are local-ish, stop by the store & take advantage of our in-store promotion! Buy ANY Jasmine scented product & get a FREE gift of equal or lesser value. We are located at 209 Abbott Street; open Tuesday-Saturday (11AM-6PM).

September 11, 2021 — Cassandra Murphy

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