Woof Woof! 

Sunday, April 11 is the official day dedicated to our winged, four-legged, floofy friends! Here at Lemongrass House we believe that your pets deserve the same high quality, all-natural products as their "hoomans."

To celebrate National Pet Day, you will save 50% on ALL our Dog Products until April 30th - sorry Cat Lovers! We hope to expand in the future!

Here's everything you need to know about our Dog Collection!

Nothing like a Body Massage that doubles as a proper bath!

Start your floofy friend off with a nice shampooing using our Dog Shampoo. Just like with our hooman Shampoo, all you need to do is get their fur wet and pour a few tablespoon at a time. Take this time to give them a good, gentle scrubbing. We find that dogs tend to LOVE the Body Massage approach. Soft, gentle hands and a little firmer in their favourite spots. Once you've lathered them up, simply rinse.

Our customers love our Dog Shampoo because we use mild cleaning agents that don't dry out your dog's skin. Our Pure Essential Oils nourish your best friend's fur, leaving it nice, clean and shiny.

Get yours today at 50% off! That's only $7 from now until April 30th!

Let the Floof, Floof!

We think that we can all agree that part of why we love our furry friends is their floofiness or fuzziness or furriness. Whatever their coat, their cuddles are the best part. Keep their coats full of their natural moisture and tangle free with our Dog Conditioner

This conditioner is great to use after washing with our Dog Shampoo. Recommended for all coats that require moisture.

Available for 50% off from now until April 30th! Get yours for ONLY $7!

Someone say paw-dicure!?

And to finish things off now that your pooch is completely relaxed, time for their paw-dicure! Our Paw Balm is made from soothing ingredients to help heal and protect your pet's paw from exposure to any elements they may be sensitive to.

Simply apply to your finger and gently massage on your dog's cute little paws. If the pads have cuts, blisters or are torn, gently dab a little bit of ointment on the pads instead.

This Paw Balm is also good for helping skin conditions like hot spots, dog eczema, wounds, sores and burns. 

And of course this is ALSO on sale at 50% off! Grab this Paw Balm for only $9.50!

April 10, 2021 — Cassandra Murphy

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