Happy Holiday from our team at Lemongrass House!

Hey mums and dads!  Are you looking for more natural products to add to your child’s bath time that work just as well and smell just as good?!  Maybe a stocking stuffer or Christmas gift idea that is also useful?!  The Lemongrass kids range is especially formulated to be gentle on your child’s sensitive skin and will nourish and restore with natural plant extracts like Aloe Vera and Jojoba oil.  Each product comes in a variety of scents from chamomile to chocolate - making any bathtime smelling lovely and full of fun.  


Pour some of our “kid friendly” bubble bath into your tub to begin your night time routine.  Let the foam start to form and the relaxing smells fill the room - you can even choose our chamomile sleepy time scent to lend you a hand with bed time.  As the kids relax and play in the bath you can scrub them down with our gentle body wash and shampoo.  With it’s vitamin rich formula it will wash away the day and leave the skin feeling happy and nourished.  When they’re all done and dried off, ready to get all snuggly - you can apply our kids body lotion to help hydrate and protect the skin through the day or night.  It is made from essential oils as well as pure vegetable, fruit and flower extracts - to help improve all of the properties of your child’s skin.  We also have an all natural baby oil with jojoba and vitamin E, excellent for particularly dry skin.  

We know for little ones, the more natural the ingredients the better.  That is why we created this range, to provide parents with a healthy alternative to a lot of the regularily used products on the market.  We are confident that our gentle formulas will be useful and fun!  Create a little bath time package for your child or a friend’s and they’re bound to love it! 

December 13, 2021 — Cassandra Murphy

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