Do you know someone that needs a break? Someone who is overworked and could use a little “me” time?  Give this person the gift of relaxation this Holiday season.  With our body-care range you can take a deep breath and unwind.  

Scrubs, moisterizers and mists - all formulated with calming plant extracts, vitamins and oils - will help take the stress away.  Create your own “self care” package for yourself or bring a little “ahhhhhh” into someone’s life. 

Winter is the perfect season to stop and take some time to unwind.  Draw yourself a hot bath or get steamy in the shower and cleanse away your cares with our salt body glow or jojoba bead scrubs.  These smoothing concoctions will exfoliate and soften, leaving your skin clean and renewed.  Each one, with it’s unique plant properties is an excellent way to start your body care routine. If you are looking for something to take you straight from home to the spa while not going anywhere, the Lemongrass House body mask is for you!  Let the world fade away while you take twenty minutes to yourself feeling soothed and relaxed.  The ingredients in this white mud mask will revitalize and promote radiance, leaving you with a recharged and beautiful glow! Finally, the perfect way to follow any bath or shower regimen is to lather yourself up in our body butter or lotion. Our naturally rich creams will soften and hydrate to give your skin the nourishment it needs throughout your day and night. With all Lemongrass body care there are an array of scents to choose from - so whether you’re looking for something tropical and fruity or more light and floral - we have created a fragrance to suit anyone.

Give yourself (or someone else!) a break this holiday season with the Lemongrass body care range.  Our 100% natural and cruelty free products will leave any skin feeling healthy and fresh - and you can feel good about where they came from too! We hand craft everything locally and want you to enjoy our efforts and give your skin some love with our wonderful products! 

December 16, 2021 — Cassandra Murphy

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