As we begin to bundle up warmer and turn up the heaters, we always start to notice a few changes in our skin. Hands become dry and cracked, lips begin to chap, and our skin just feels a little more dry over all.

Like clockwork, it happens every year, but what are some of the reasons this happens? And what are some things that we can do to avoid what is often known as “Winter Skin?” We’ve got some answers.

Grey, Cold Weather

The first culprit (and possibly the most obvious) is the weather. As the leaves start to fall and the temperature and humidity levels drop, the moisture and water in our skin evaporate at a much quicker pace, in turn making our skin feel tight and dry. Our skin loses more than 25% of its ability to retain moisture during these months, and wind can play a strong role in the condition of our skin as well.

Solution: We can provide our fragile skin with a little shelter from the elements by wearing protective clothing like scarves and gloves. Another important step is to use creams and masks that are rich in moisture and hydration that will help your skin hold as much moisture as possible and stay hydrated.

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Frequent Hand Washing

Our hands becoming dry and cracked can often be due to how often we wash our hands with harsh soaps and sanitizers. Many soaps contain detergents that strip the natural oils from our skin which causes drying, and sanitizers contain alcohol which can be drying and extremely irritating. This can be especially harsh for people with sensitive skin.

Solution: It is very important to keep your hands clean, especially this year. There are a few things that you can do to avoid the cracks and flakes on your hands from frequent washing. The first is to switch to a hand soap that is hydrating, moisturizing and includes ingredients like glycerin to help lock in the moisture. The second is to always carry a small bottle of hand cream with you to apply after every wash and sanitize.

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Licking Lips

Sure, it may provide temporary relief when we lick our lips, but quickly that relief will turn into dried out lips. Saliva does provide some moisture, but without a barrier it will just evaporate, pulling out the natural moisture and leaving us with cracked and dry lips.

Solution: Use a lip treatment in a pot that will be softer than the waxy sticks of lip balm. Make sure to apply throughout the day, before bed, and always before lipstick.

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Not Staying Hydrated

It is always important to drink plenty of liquids throughout the day. A common mistake we make is forgetting to drink hydrating liquids like water. When we are dehydrated, the first place it shows is on our skin. As we drink more hot sugary drinks and focus more on pumpkin and caramel syrups and less on water and herbal teas, our hydration goes down with our water retention.

Solution: Carry a large bottle of water and ensure that you are drinking at minimum 6-8 cups of water per day, hot or cold. Opt for more herbal teas to provide nutrients and antioxidants, and avoid the caffeine and sugar.

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In short, there are many things that we can do to prevent dryness and protect our skin from those harsh elements. Most of them begin with skincare and remembering to keep up with our routines.

November 11, 2020 — Cassandra Murphy

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