As many of you know, Lemongrass House has strong ties to beautiful Thailand. In these difficult times, we thought it might brighten up your day a bit if we shared some wonderful Thai wisdom with you on a weekly basis. To make it even better – with each Thai saying, we are going to run a little draw too! Not only do you get words of wisdom, but you might also win a little something to bring you joy.

This week’s saying is: “Doing Something Good Without Seeking Attention.”

Despite the challenging situation we are all facing right now, a lot of goodness is shining through. You can see it everywhere… people helping others – family, friends and strangers. Health care workers are a perfect example of this – they are true heroes. Day after day, at great risk to themselves, they work to help others. We are so grateful to every one of them from the doctors and nurses to the technicians who give tests to the admin staff who keep the hospitals and clinics running to those who make sure that the hospitals are cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis.

So, tell us: What good in the world you have seen being done in these unsettling times? Is there someone in your life who is doing good deeds? They might not be looking for appreciation, but we’d like to sprinkle some on them!

On April 24, we will randomly draw a name from the comments on our social media accounts and the person we pick will win a 60ml size of our Hand Sanitizer and so will the person you told us about – who is doing good deeds. Our herbal Hand Sanitizer is made with essential oils, aloe vera, and cucumber, and contains 64% alcohol. It makes sure that your hands remain soft and supple while keeping your skin germ-free.

Just a little reminder – if you purchase one of our select products, we will also gift one to a health care worker in our Buy One, Gift One campaign. You can learn more here:

April 17, 2020 — Maxine Druker

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