Meet Max & Ben

We have had lots of questions about why we decided to open a Lemongrass House retail outlet in Canada – and why Vancouver was chosen to be home to our first – and flagship – retail outlet. 

Meet Maxine and Ben

The Canadian Lemongrass House team – Maxine Druker and Ben Horne – have a long history with Lemongrass House. In his prior professional life, Ben regularly travelled to Thailand. It was there that he discovered Lemongrass House and all of their incredible spa products.

Ben would often would bring some of these handmade spa products home for his friend Maxine, a marketing professional with a deep knowledge of essential oils and aromatherapy. She loved the products and looked forward to Ben leaving town because she knew he could come home with Lemongrass House essential oils and other organic spa products for her. (We’re just kidding about her being happy when he left town!)

Lemongrass House Canada – How it Happened

As the two of them learned more about the integrity, authenticity and commitment to quality and the craft of the artisans making Lemongrass House products – not to mention the global popularity of the brand, they knew they had identified a great opportunity. They set to work to bring these quality spa products and the Lemongrass House experience to Canadians!

A Perfect Match

Ben and Maxine’s combined business expertise and skills were a perfect match to what was needed to launch the Lemongrass House brand in Canada.

Thailand-based Lemongrass House Founder Bobby and Palita Duchowny saw their abilities and commitment and agreed that they were the right people to bring Lemongrass House products to North America.

We’re Just Getting Started!

It took several years of hard work, 80-hour weeks and courage, but on April 5th, Ben and Maxine achieved their goal – Lemongrass House Canada opened its flagship store in Vancouver’s historic Gastown district. And, knowing Ben and Maxine’s drive and dedication – this is just the start!